VOL House - Estudio BaBo VOL House - Estudio BaBo

The objective of the Project was the restoration and extension of a single family townhouse, in the area of Palermo within the city of Bueno...

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360 House - Subarquitectura 360 House - Subarquitectura

A unique opportunity for us is in reality a problema that’s been posed thousands of times: to construct a house with a public programme of s...

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V23K18 - Pasel.Kuenzel V23K18 - Pasel.Kuenzel

Design for a private house in an urban master plan by MVRDV. As the plot does not allow for traditional front or back gardens, the design in...

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V23K16 - Pasel.Kuenzel V23K16 - Pasel.Kuenzel

Design for a private house in a master plan by MVRDV on a former industrial area in the centre of Leiden. By introducing a compact service z...

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