Amalia -named after the grandmother of her owners -is a holiday cabin to host family members spread all over austria.

Located on top of a hill in Styria, overlooking the valley of Kirchbach Amalia offers space for up to six people, without having to spare any comfort.

Organised in 2 levels, one of them split, she lets the landscape float in and gives view to her surrounding from everywhere within.

To give tribute to the nature around her and maximize the interchange between inside and outside, the house is completely covered with artificial grass -with only the windows left out.

Amalia is the first artificial grass camouflage building in Austria.

 Architects: GRID Architekten GmbH Luxemburg-Wien - Gerhard Klocker, Ric Thill, Isabella Straus
Location: Styria, Austria
Function: Holiday Cabin
Construction year: May 2007 - August 2007
Site Area: 480 sqm
Constructed Area: 68.12 sqm
Construction: Prefabricated Wood / Artificial Grass
Photographs: Lukas Schaller

VIA: GRID Architects


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