This private villa is situated on the north-face hillside of Barvikha, a village west of Moscow. The stunning area is dotted with luxury dachas and covered by prosperous vegetation of pine and birch trees that typically grow up to 20m high.

The villa is built with pre-cast and in-situ cast concrete, steel and glass. It has a characteristic fluid design and is divided into two main components: the first one strategically merges with the sloped landscape and the second is a separate volume floating 22 meters above the ground to benefit from the dynamic views of the Barvikha forest over the trees.

The residence is divided into four levels. The lower level or basement is dedicated to leisure space and will include a living room, massage and fitness areas as well as sauna and hamman (Turkish) baths. The ground floor will host the living room, dining, kitchen, entertainment, indoor swimming room and parking spaces. The main entrance lobby, study/library, guest room and children’s room are distributed on the first floor while the master bedrooms and a lounge with exterior terrace occupy the upper level.

The two main components of the house are connected by three concrete columns that establish a strong dialogue between the two volumes and function as structural elements: within the interior space of the columns are the vertical shafts required to place all mechanical elements and services connecting to the upper level. Incorporated within the space between the columns is the vertical circulation of the house where a transparent glass elevator and staircase are situated, providing a direct connection between the lower and the upper levels.

On the first floor the main entrance holds three concrete columns which intersect the main roof. Skylights and a double-high space are created. The view from the living room, following the grand staircase located in the entrance lobby, is framed by two curved in-situ cast concrete structures. These concrete structures serve both a structural purpose and the function purpose creating of the divisions between main living room, dining room and indoor swimming pool.

The project, which is currently under construction, will be shown in the Russia Pavilion at the Venice Architecture Biennale from 12 September - 23 November as part of a showcase of work by Russian and foreign architects working in Russia.
The project is expected to complete in 2010.


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