House Dijk - Make Room!

The facades and the roof of this dwelling comprise one entity. The skin, consisting of anthracite-coloured corrugated sheets, is open in strategic places in order to let the environment in.

The exterior of the dwelling looks rather solid and closed. The interior experience is one of beautiful spatial impressions.
A smart system based on just a few composition rules creates a seemingly irregular pattern of wooden boards.
Maximizing this effect, the entire dwelling is positioned one meter above ground level, resulting on a spacious lower ground floor.
Design team: Alex Jager, Rogier Janssen, Sanne Braakenburg
Location: Blauwestad, Netherlands
Client: Michel Dijk & Karin Berrelkamp
Gross area: 318 sqm (incl. souterrain)
Completion: July 2007
Consultants: Solke Abbring (installations)
Contractor: Marcel van der Sluis
Photography: Rob de Jong/SAPh, Michiel en karin Dijk


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